Beyond Pressing Play

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Let's Take a Listen...

Want classroom activites, resources, and links for podcasts?  Check out!

Sample Script (Six Minutes)

Six Minutes Episode 1.pdf

Six Minutes Choice Board

Six Minutes Choice Board

Free Online Voice Recorder

Online Voice Recorder

Allows students to record audio and export as MP3.  

Little Help?

What are some podcasts you listen to (either with your class, kids, or on your own) that you feel others should know about?  

Podcasts for Students / Grade Level

Click to open the spreadsheet and add your own! 

Podcast Graphic Organizer
Podcast Writing Template

But what if YouR Students DON'T want to record? 

Perform it live instead!

Create Your Own Sound Effects Board

When students are performing the podcast, have one person control the audio using the slideshow and the embedded mp3 files.  

Sound Effects Board