Designing A Class Site that You'll Actually Use...

...and your students will want to visit

In the age of remote learning, classroom websites have become common-place, but how do we ensure that they're put together well? More importantly, how do we design them in such a way that increases student learning and engagement? On this page are some guidelines, tutorials, and principles of design that can make sure your class site is put to good use. I use "Google Sites" for my classroom website. However, these principles of good design can be applied to whatever tool you choose to use.

Have fun!


What belongs on a class website?

Classroom Website: 10 Things
  • Welcome Message / Contact Info

  • Daily Schedule

  • Class Calendar

  • Planners / Agenda Book

  • Games, Sites, or Tools

  • A Custom Domain

  • Groups / Seating Charts / Etc (Restricted to your Domain)

  • A wellness "Check-in" form

  • Something Unique (that keeps them coming back)

  • Good design


How to Design a Website (based on the five principals of flag design put together by the North American Vexillological Association*):

    1. Keep It Simple: The site should be so simple that a child can figure out how to navigate it

    2. Use Meaningful Design: The site's images, colors, or patterns should relate to your subject area

    3. Use (about) Three Colors: Limit the number of colors to those that contrast well and come from the standard color set

    4. Avoid Branding: save that for your own personal page.

    5. Be Distinctive: Avoid duplicating other sites at your school

*This may the nerdiest source that I've ever cited, and I'm darn proud of it.


Examples / Templates: