Geo Tools & Google Classroom

Google Earth

  • Find the image/location/street view you want your class to see.
  • Click the "Share" button in Google Earth and select Classroom.
  • Select the class for the post/assignment/question.
  • Your selected Earth imagery is automatically attached onto your assignment/question/post for your students to view and interact with.

My Maps Resources

  • If students "Attach from Drive" a My Map onto a Google Classroom assignment, it automagically shares it with the teacher.
  • Students create map, you get to view it.
  • If students work collaboratively on the map, only the OWNER of the map can turn it in, so make sure the students' names are all on it

My Maps Templates

  • You can make My Map Templates!
  • Make your My Map where "Anyone with the link can view", Click here to view an example.
  • Place instructions on your My Map as to what you want your students to do (Continue drawing placemarks, finding angles, determining distances, etc).
  • Attach the link to your "My Map" as a Resource onto your Google Classroom assignment.
  • Students open up the My Map, press the "Three Dots", and then "Make a Copy"
  • Boomshakalaka: they now have a copy of your template and can submit their work.