Going Cross Curricular with Geo Tools

Google's Geo tools

Writing Prompt

  • Go to Earth View, spin it, and drop Pegman at a random location.

  • Elementary -- Write a quick 5 sentence story with this location as the setting. Feel free to get create and use more than one photosphere if you'd like! Make sure to paste the link to your photosphere on your document.

  • Middle/High -- Write a story where the photosphere which appears is it's setting.

  • Open up the document to the right and press File --> Make a Copy and start writing.

Writing Prompt

Exploring Your Community

  • Open up the street view image to the right.

  • How long have the cranes been in downtown Lexington?

  • Discuss with your groups why these cranes are here?

  • What did this area look like before this construction project began? What happened to those businesses?

  • Why do you think it's taking so long to finish?

Interactive Writing Pieces

Showing Change

  • Open up the Time Lapse to the right. Discuss with your partners for one minute what they think they're seeing.

  • Open up this document (click) and share some ways that you think we could stop this from happening in the future.

Time Travel in Street View

  • There are 12+ years of Google Street View images available. Many places have more than one image available from different locations, and you can browse all of them!

Tour Builder and Google Forms Adventure Puzzles

Telling Stories with Tour Creator

  • Take a famous event from history, and have students search for where those events occurred.

  • Search for those locations/coordinates today using Tour Creator.

  • Have students record narration using online-voice-recorder.com and upload it to each individual location.

  • Publish it, " and have students submit the link to it.

"Lewis and Clark" Today; a tour created and narrated by a fifth grader.

My Maps

  • Google’s Free Map Creator

  • Add custom pins, layers, directions, and now distances!

  • Maps can then be shared just like Google Docs and edited by multiple users simultaneously

  • You can also view your creations in Google Maps

  • Maps can even be made “public”, where anyone in the world can have access to it.

  • Add images, videos, and/or paragraphs to each pin.

  • Draw polygons and calculate distance

  • Download or Upload KML files from/to Earth/Maps.

Scale Model of the Solar System

Student Created My Map with Attached Videos.

My Maps As Classroom Attachments

  • If students "Attach from Drive" a My Map onto a Google Classroom assignment, it automagically shares it with the teacher.

  • Students create map, you get to view it.

  • If students work collaboratively on the map, only the OWNER of the map can turn it in, so make sure the students' names are all on it

MyMaps As Templates

  • You can make My Map Templates!

  • Make your My Map where "Anyone with the link can view", Click here to view an example.

  • Place instructions on your My Map as to what you want your students to do (Continue drawing placemarks, finding angles, determining distances, etc).

  • Attach the link to your "My Map" as a Resource onto your Google Classroom assignment.

  • Students open up the My Map, press the "Three Dots", and then "Make a Copy"

  • Boomshakalaka: they now have a copy of your template and can submit their work.

Perimeter and Area

  • Have students locate your school on a map and draw polygons around the buildings

  • Estimate/Sum up/round the total, etc.

A "Short Story Setting" Map

  • Have one person in your group create a new Google Doc and make it where "anyone with the link can view".

  • Write a "brief" short story. Make sure in that story you mention it's "setting".

  • Open up the map to the right and press "edit"

  • Drop a pin on the map where the setting of your story took place and place the link to your Google Doc in the pin.

Retelling History

  • Have your students create maps showing famous events from history.

  • Students can submit these via Google Classroom (Add from Drive --> Map).

Social Studies Maps

Retell/recreate events from Social Studies/history to help students visualize and access the information better/clearer.

Creative Book Retelling

Take a picture book and retell it using pins with text from the story. Would make a great collaborative project!

Class Location Map

  • Have a link on your class webpage to a Google Form that students can fill out anything they go somewhere different/unique.

  • Turn on notifications for the form so you know everytime it's updated

  • Upload that form to a My Map that's embedded on your site. Bingo - instant Class Map.