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8 Section Rubric

8 Section Rubric

4 Section Rubric

4 Section Rubric

Graphic Organizers

Short Story

Short Story Graphic Organizer

Informative Article

Informative Article Graphic Organizer


Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer

Personal Narrative

Personal Narrative Graphic Organizer

Geography Tools in Classroom

Google Earth

  • Find the image/location/street view you want your class to see.
  • Click the "Share" button in Google Earth and select Classroom.
  • Select the class for the post/assignment/question.
  • Your selected Earth imagery is automatically attached onto your assignment/question/post for your students to view and interact with.

My Maps Resources

  • If students "Attach from Drive" a My Map onto a Google Classroom assignment, it automagically shares it with the teacher.
  • Students create map, you get to view it.
  • If students work collaboratively on the map, only the OWNER of the map can turn it in, so make sure the students' names are all on it

My Maps Templates

  • You can make My Map Templates!
  • Make your My Map where "Anyone with the link can view", Click here to view an example.
  • Place instructions on your My Map as to what you want your students to do (Continue drawing placemarks, finding angles, determining distances, etc).
  • Attach the link to your "My Map" as a Resource onto your Google Classroom assignment.
  • Students open up the My Map, press the "Three Dots", and then "Make a Copy"
  • Boomshakalaka: they now have a copy of your template and can submit their work.


  • Tours make great resources for Google Classroom assignments! Once your tour is published, copy its like to your clipboard.
  • Paste it onto a Google Classroom assignment.
  • Now your students can use and view it!