Examples and Ideas

Causes of the American Revolution

Collaborative Ideas

Create a Non-fiction/Informational Text Map

  • go to news.google.com/newspapers and grab a link to an article that showcases a famous event from history (there are two examples given on the map as a guide)
  • drop a place mark where that event occurred
  • grab a link to the newspaper article and paste it into the HTML balloon.

Telling a Story with My Maps

  • Create a My Map and make it where anyone with the link can view it.
  • Share it with 2 or 3 other people here in the room.
  • You can either A - retell a famous event from history or B - tell your own story. What's a good story that you'd like to share? Make sure the placemarks are in the locations where the events took place. Include images/video.
  • Once done, submit the link to your map using the form on the right.
Map Groups

Individual Ideas

Angles and Measurements

Let's Make Something!

Now that you've seen some examples, take some time to create a My Map for yourself.

  • Make sure it ties into your subject (and images, Youtube videos, etc).
  • Submit the link to it once it's CREATED (not just completed). The link to it will appear on the sheet below.
  • Make it "everyone with the link can view"
Maps for Class