Cool Free Stuff I Found Online


Donnie Piercey

2021 Kentucky Teacher of the Year

@mrpiercey on Twitter


PDF Mergy

  • Have a bunch of PDFs that you want to combine into one document? Check out PDF Mergy: https://pdfmerge.w69b.com/

  • It even can merge Google Docs together into one.

  • Great if you're sick of printing off individual report cards / progress reports! Just merge and print.


  • Grab a 3d design (.STL) file of ANY location on planet Earth: http://jthatch.com/Terrain2STL/

  • Can be 3d printed!

  • Just move the map around (or type in the coordinates) and click the "Center to Map" button to create a 3d model of the terrain.

Animate Faces - Our Heritage

  • Upload any photo of a person to make them animated. Click to view the site.

  • Similar to "MugLife", this app works on Chromebooks.

  • Have students upload photos of older family members to bring them to life.

If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel


A free virtual reality app (that works on Chromebooks)

Join my frame here: https://framevr.io/mrpiercey

Build a Scale Model of the Solar System

Cite Sources, add footnotes, and include a bibliography in Google Docs.

Works Cited Example


"What did Earth Look Like _______ Million Years Ago?" - -

Draw an Iceberg and See How It Floats:

AR Images on Your Phone!

  • Put Google Chrome on your phone or tablet.

  • Do a search for any of the terms or objects on each slide.

  • Click “View in 3D”

  • Click “View in Your Space”

  • Point Your Phone at the Floor to View the Object

AR in Google Search Options


  • A precise, three word address for every location on planet Earth: https://what3words.com/

  • Besides just being cool; it's a great example of how creativity can solve problems.

Will Robots Take My Job?

  • In 2013 Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne published a report titled "The Future of Employment: How susceptible are jobs to computerisation?”: https://willrobotstakemyjob.com/

  • This site shares their findings: how probable is it that robots will take someones job in the future?

  • Full disclosure, it's pretty ad-heavy

...and then I was like...

  • Make quick .GIFs in a matter of seconds at https://andtheniwaslike.co

  • Can be downloaded or shared with anyone

  • Could have your students record their reactions and share with a link (no need to download!)


  • Create a folder and put inside of it a Google Doc for each student in your classroom.

  • Create a Google Form and run the "DocAppender" Add-On (there's a tutorial video below)

  • Anytime you fill out the form, the student Google Doc is automagically added on to.

  • Share the doc with whoever needs access (curriculum coach, principal, parent, student, etc)

Long URL Maker

  • Because why not?

  • If someone sends you REALLY long URLs in emails, send them one that's even longer using this site.

Google Arts and Culture


  • geteach.com

  • Lets students/teachers compare two maps simultaneously/real time.

  • "How does this compare to that?"

  • Relationships

This X Does Not Exist

  • View the (sometimes scary) power of AI

  • View cats, dogs, memes, and startups that do not actually exist!

  • Class discussions -- is this a good or bad thing?

  • Digital Citizenship?

Vocal Remover

  • vocalremover.org/

  • Upload an MP3 to the site

  • Remove audio track

  • Instant Karaoke!

  • Redo audio on podcasts

Adobe Express

  • https://express.adobe.com/

  • Web based version of Adobe's Creative Suite (Photoshop, Premiere, etc)

  • Works on Chromebooks!

  • Free to EDU accounts forever!

Down For Everyone or Just Me?

  • downforeveryoneorjustme.com

  • Ever had a website that's not working, and not sure if it's your classroom internet connection OR if it's down throughout the world?

  • Yeah, go to this site.


  • cleanpng.com

  • Search thousands of images WITHOUT a background.

  • Way easier than using remove.bg

  • Fun fact though: remove.bg is a pretty slick website.


  • create a message that self-destructs after it's read.

  • cool for sending inter-office memos between staff

  • Sending "Clues to students"; who can be the first to click on.

The Most Dangerous Writing App

  • Create a prompt; keep writing for a full 5 minutes, or else your writing is erased from existence.

  • Power through writers block.

  • Classroom challenge!


  • Turn tabs into slides

  • Every 10 seconds, moves from one tab to the next

  • Think parent teacher night, have student portfolios cycling through for everyone to see.

Random Street View

  • https://randomstreetview.com/

  • Does exactly what it says

  • Pulls a random Street View

  • Writing prompts: "write a story where your random street view is the setting"