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Donnie Piercey

2021 Kentucky Teacher of the Year

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PDF Mergy

  • Have a bunch of PDFs that you want to combine into one document? Check out PDF Mergy: https://pdfmerge.w69b.com/

  • It even can merge Google Docs together into one.

  • Great if you're sick of printing off individual report cards / progress reports! Just merge and print.


  • Grab a 3d design (.STL) file of ANY location on planet Earth: http://jthatch.com/Terrain2STL/

  • Can be 3d printed!

  • Just move the map around (or type in the coordinates) and click the "Center to Map" button to create a 3d model of the terrain.

Animate Faces - Our Heritage

  • Upload any photo of a person to make them animated. Click to view the site.

  • Similar to "MugLife", this app works on Chromebooks.

  • Have students upload photos of older family members to bring them to life.

If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel


A free virtual reality app (that works on Chromebooks)

Join my frame here: https://framevr.io/mrpiercey

Frame VR

Invite up to 20 collaborative learners into your frame with a simple link.

Pro-tip: have the link set up BEFORE hand.

Getting Started with Frame

Understanding Scenes i Frame

Build a Scale Model of the Solar System

Cite Sources, add footnotes, and include a bibliography in Google Docs.

Works Cited Example

Choose Your Own Adventure Writing Templates:

  • Use the template on the right to plan and write out a "Choose Your Own Adventure Story" using Google Slides.

  • Students then type out their finished essay on the Google Slideshow on the right (Give them each a copy in Google Classroom).

  • If you want to see what a finished version looks like, check out the "Example" below.

Graphic Organizer

Choose Your Own Adventure Plan

Choose Your Own Adventure Template

Choose Your Own Adventure Template

Finished Student Example

Choose Your Own Adventure Example


"What did Earth Look Like _______ Million Years Ago?" - -

Draw an Iceberg and See How It Floats:

AR Images on Your Phone!

  • Put Google Chrome on your phone or tablet.

  • Do a search for any of the terms or objects on each slide.

  • Click “View in 3D”

  • Click “View in Your Space”

  • Point Your Phone at the Floor to View the Object

AR in Google Search Options


  • A precise, three word address for every location on planet Earth: https://what3words.com/

  • Besides just being cool; it's a great example of how creativity can solve problems.

Will Robots Take My Job?

  • In 2013 Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne published a report titled "The Future of Employment: How susceptible are jobs to computerisation?”: https://willrobotstakemyjob.com/

  • This site shares their findings: how probable is it that robots will take someones job in the future?

  • Full disclosure, it's pretty ad-heavy

...and then I was like...

  • Make quick .GIFs in a matter of seconds at https://andtheniwaslike.co

  • Can be downloaded or shared with anyone

  • Could have your students record their reactions and share with a link (no need to download!)


  • Create a folder and put inside of it a Google Doc for each student in your classroom.

  • Create a Google Form and run the "DocAppender" Add-On (there's a tutorial video below)

  • Anytime you fill out the form, the student Google Doc is automagically added on to.

  • Share the doc with whoever needs access (curriculum coach, principal, parent, student, etc)

Long URL Maker

  • Because why not?

  • If someone sends you REALLY long URLs in emails, send them one that's even longer using this site.