Google Sites:

Next Level

I will keep on adding to this, but here are some next level Google Sites tips and tricks. Keep checking back throughout the year to see what else gets added. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!



Embedding a Youtube Playlist

  • Have a bunch of videos that you want to share with your students? Create a Playlist on Youtube and add it onto your Google Site.

  • Once your playlist is created, click the arrow (share) and then "copy" the URL that appears.

  • Head to your Google Site, click "Insert" then "Embed"

  • Paste the link you just copied in the "By URL" box.

  • Pro-tip: Whatever video is FIRST on the Youtube Playlist will also appear FIRST on your site.

Embedding The Google Classroom Calendar

  • Add a Google Calendar that automatically updates every time you create a new Google Classroom assignment.

  • Visit and click the three dots next to your class calendar.

  • Make the Calendar "Public"

  • Head on back to Google Sites and click "Insert" then "Calendar".

  • Click the class calendar and choose how you want it to be viewed (Month, Week, or Agenda)

Creating a Class Map

  • Add a Google Form to your site asking for a location (Where they went over Spring Break, where their favorite book took place, etc).

  • Create a Google Sheet from the form. You'll use this to create your map.

  • Embed a Google My Map directly below the form.

  • On the Google My Map, click "Import", then "Google Drive", then click the spreadsheet that was created from the form.

  • Choose the column that has the "Location Data" and then then column that has the placemark title. Click "Finish".

  • Tada! The map that you embedded on your Google Site will now have all the locations your students entered.

Quickly creating Class Portfolios

  • Create a template that you want your students to use as a "base" for their class portfolios.

  • Rather than clicking the three dots, and then "Duplicate Site", start by putting the template in a Google Drive folder.

  • Highlight it, right click on it, and click "Make a Copy". You now have two copies of your site.

  • Drag a box around the two sites, right click again, click "Make a Copy" again. Now you have four sites. Keep repeating this until you have as many students there are in your class.

  • Rename and share each site individually.

A Custom URL for Your Site

  • Add a little pizazz to your site by purchasing a "domain" and creating a custom URL for your page. For example, I use "" for mine.

  • You can purchase a domain at; it should cost around $12 a year (or about a dollar a month).

Embedding Google Street View Images

  • Add 360 Images to your classroom Google Site

  • Locate a 360 image on Google Maps (not Google Earth)

  • Click the three dots in the top left, then "Share or embed image"

  • Click "Embed a map" and copy the code to your clipboard.

  • Head back to your Google Site, click "Insert" then "Embed", and then paste the code on your clipboard in the white box where it says "Embed code"