Geo Websites

These are some of my favorite geography related teaching, storytelling, and creation tools for students. I'm always adding new links to this page, so please check back often!

GE Teach

Let's students/teachers compare two maps simultaneously/real time.

Tour Creator

Create virtual tours using Google Street Views that can be used on Chromebooks, tablets, and phones.

Google Earth Engine Timelapse

View thirty years of satellite images in one continuous timelapse.

The True Size of...

Let's students/teachers view actual size of countries to one another.

Tour Builder

Google Slides + Google Geo

Earth Null School

View global winds and weather patterns

Nine Point Five

Dynamic view of Earthquakes over the past 30 Years

Project Sunroof

Check useable sunlight and available square footage for solar panels.

Earth View Chrome Extension

Click to Add

See a view of Earth in every new tab

Geologic Map

Explore the surface of our planet.

Antipodes Map

See what's on the other side of the world

Marine Traffic

View travel and transport ships around the world

Flight Radar 24

View flights around the world, real time

Map of Life on Earth

View where different species live around the world

Exercise Global Heat Map

An exercise map of the world.

Story Spheres

Create interactive, storytelling bubbles!

Solar System Scale Map

View the scale of the Solar System, if Earth were the size of a basketball.

Migration Within the United States

See how people move from state to state

If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel

The Solar System Visualized in Scale