Going cross curricular


Can you find your house?

A good first step for everyone...


Find a Google Earth Voyage that you would use in class and paste the link to it on the form below.

Google Earth Voyages (Responses)

Personal Narratives (on Google Earth)

The Big Game

Google Earth Book Reports

  • Instead of a diorama, have students create visual book reports through Google Earth

  • Search for the locations/settings in their stories where the events may have taken place.

  • Have the students add summaries, questions, descriptions, quotes, etc.

  • Here's an example from Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

Google Lit Trips


  • Have students locate your school on a map and create a story with polygons around the buildings.

  • Estimate/Sum up/round the total, etc.

Showing Change

  • Open up the Google earth Time Lapse to the right.

  • Google Earth is able to show 40+ years of change on the planet's

Writing Prompt

  • Go to Earth View, spin it, and drop Pegman at a random location.

  • Elementary -- Write a quick 5 sentence story with this location as the setting. Feel free to get create and use more than one photosphere if you'd like! Make sure to paste the link to your photosphere on your document.

  • Open up the document to the right and press File --> Make a Copy and start writing.

Writing Prompt