Graphic Organizers / Templates / Slideshows

Hey all!

Below are some graphic organizers, templates, and slideshows that I use in my writing class. They're designed to be used as attachments on Google Classroom assignments. Each graphic organizer is a slideshow with blank spaces for students to plan out their pieces. There's also Google Doc writing templates to get your students started. Feel free to grab a copy of whatever you'd like.

Once attached, be sure to click the "Make a Copy for Each Student" button before assigning them to your class.

If you're brand new to Google Classroom, check out the video on the right to see how to create assignments.


Short Story

Short Story Graphic Organizer
Short Story Writing Template

Personal Narrative

Personal Narrative Graphic Organizer
Personal Narrative Writing Template

Persuasive Letter

Persuasive Letter Writing Template

Opinion Piece

Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer
Opinion Piece Writing Template

Choose Your Own Adventure

Plan your Choose Your Own Adventure
Writing Your Choose Your Own Adventure

Research Article

Research Paper Graphic Organizer
Research Article Graphic Organizer

ScreenPlay / Drama

Additional Slideshows/Resources

"I'm Done" Writing
Finishing Your Piece
Writing Well Written Similes
Scoring Rubric for Kentucky On-Demand Writing
Self Editing