Google's Tour Creator:

Telling stories through Virtual Reality

Google's Tour Creator

A Published Tour


Creating Your First Tour

  • Visit
  • Click "Get Started" and then "New Tour"
  • Give your Tour a title and upload a cover photo (you won't be able to publish it without one).
  • Add a description and give it a topic
  • Click "Create" to start adding Street View imagery to your tour.

Adding Street View Imagery

  • Search the Street View Location you want on Google Maps.
  • Drop "Pegman" to see what imagery is available.
  • Click "Add Scene" and give it a title and description.
  • Click "Add Scene" to add an additional Street View image onto your Tour.

Setting the Starting View

  • Change what your audience sees first when opening a scene in your tour
  • Click "Set starting view"
  • Rotate the Street View image around until it's facing the direction you want.
  • Click "Save".

Adding Points of Interest

  • Highlight interesting locations in each scene on your Tour.
  • Click "Add Point of Interest", give it a title and description. Your description will appear inside a text box on a published tour.
  • Have a picture that really brings your Tour to life? Add it as an image overlay and adjust its size as necessary.

Adding Audio to Points of Interest

  • Want to your audience to hear a sound clip when a Point of Interest is clicked?
  • Click the P.O.I. and click "Add Sight Narration".
  • Upload the audio file you want them to hear.
  • I have my students record themselves using, and then upload it to the P.O.I.

Adding Ambient/Background Audio

  • Would your image normally have some sort of ambient/background noise?
  • Click "Add Ambient Audio" to have that sound play in the background when the scene loads up.
  • I recommend using a site similar to to find some background audio.

Recording/Adding Scene Narration

  • Add background audio to any scene on your Tour
  • Click "Add Scene Narration"
  • Record your narration using a tool like
  • Upload the .mp3 to your Tour.
  • Your narration is now added onto your tour!

Publishing and Sharing Your Tours

  • Once your Tour is completed, press the "Publish" button.
  • Select whether you want it to be "Public" or "Unlisted". I usually have my students post theirs as "Unlisted".
  • Copy the link to your clipboard and it can be shared with the world!

Using Tour Creator in Google Classroom:

  • Tours make great resources for Google Classroom assignments! Once your tour is published, copy its like to your clipboard.
  • Paste it onto a Google Classroom assignment.
  • Now your students can use and view it!

Creating Your Own Google Expeditions!

  • Once your Tour is published, you can let your students view it in virtual reality through the Google Expeditions app.
  • Open your published Tour, click the "Share" button, and then "Expeditions" - this will add it to your Expeditions list.
  • Open Expeditions on your phone/tablet and click "Library" and then "My Tours".
  • Open the Tour you just created and press "Guide" to start the Expedition with your class.
  • Important: Currently the "Create Your Own" feature is available on Android only.