Google Expeditions:

Take Your Class Where School Busses Can't

Google Expeditions

  • Google's Virtual Reality field trip app for classrooms.
  • Each "Expedition" consists of interactive Street View images.
  • Teachers can guide their classes through interactive experiences.
  • You can now even create your own using the Tour Creator App
  • Learn more about Tour Creator here

How does it work?

  • Teacher device controls what images appear on student devices.
  • Teacher can read supporting text, guiding questions, and identify points of interest.
  • The students see what the teacher sees real time.

List of Available Google Expeditions

[Expeditions] - List of Available Expeditions

Creating Your Own Google Expeditions

Tour Creator

  • Visit
  • Click "Get Started" and then "New Tour"
  • Give your Tour a title and upload a cover photo (you won't be able to publish it without one).
  • Add a description and give it a topic
  • Click "Create" to start adding Street View imagery to your tour.

Publishing your Tour to Expeditions

  • Once your Tour is published, you can let your students view it in virtual reality through the Google Expeditions app.
  • Open your published Tour, click the "Share" button, and then "Expeditions" - this will add it to your Expeditions list.
  • Open Expeditions on your phone/tablet and click "Library" and then "My Tours".
  • Open the Tour you just created and press "Guide" to start the Expedition with your class.
  • Important: Currently the "Create Your Own" feature is available on Android only.