Virtual/Augmented Reality

(is what we're living in)

Challenge #1

  • Let's create some Virtual Reality images.
  • Search the app store on your phone for "Street View" by Google.
  • Using the Street View app, go out and create some 360 degree images.
  • Find some interesting spots you would like to share imagery of.
Sample VR Image of the Northern Lights

Challenge #2

  • Let's Make Some 360 Degree Films
  • We're going to be using a Ricoh Theta V Camera
  • Create a 360 film that uses all of us.
  • Publish that video to Youtube
  • Figure out how to view it in Virtual Reality
Sample 360 Video from my Expedition to Antarctica

Challenge #3

  • Search the App Store or Google Play for "Augmented Reality Apps"
  • If you have an iPhone or iPad, search for "Surreal"
  • Create an Augmented Reality video using the Surreal app (or one similar).

These are Some of my Favorite Virtual Apps

VR Apps